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Winter holiday sign-up ran through November 30th. If you did not sign up and receive an email  confirmation prior to November 30th, you can still shop during our winter holiday distribution using your regular weekly points, but we are unable to guarantee additional holiday points for your household at this time.

Winter Holiday Distribution Details

During Winter Holiday distribution week, each shopper who has signed up will receive 14 “holiday points” at check-in, in addition to the points they normally shop with. Holiday items will be stocked separately from general merchandise and marked with red pricing stickers.

Holiday Item Points:

  • Limit of one Turkey or Chicken per household

  • Frozen Turkeys (10-12 lbs):  6 points

  • Frozen Chickens (5 lbs):  3 points

  • Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie:  6 points

  • Canned Goods:  1 point

  • Bagged Produce:  1-3 points

  • Gravy Packets:  1 point

  • Rice (1 lb bags):  2 points

Supplies are limited and will be provided on a first come, first served basis.

* Holiday points can only be used on specially marked holiday items.

* Holiday points can only be used on one trip to the Just Food pantry.


Tuesday Dec. 13th:  9-6 PM
Wednesday Dec. 14th:  9-3 PM 
Thursday Dec. 15th:  9-6 PM 
Friday Dec. 16th:  9-3 PM
Tuesday Dec. 20th:  9-6 PM
Wednesday Dec. 21st:  9-3 PM

At 1000 E. 11th Street
Lawrence, KS 66046

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