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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Starting July 7th Just Food will return to in-person shopping. Our hours will be Tuesday- Friday 9:00am - 3:00 pm. Results from our survey concluded that clients were missing choice in the food they received. In addition to client wishes, with summer temperatures rising, it will be safer to keep our products in a temperature controlled space inside the pantry. 

When we reopen, we will be returning to our total choice model. For those who are new to in-person shopping, the total choice model allows clients to shop for their own unique dietary wants and needs. It provides a greater sense of dignity and control while reducing food waste. It provides an environment similar to a standard grocery store.

Here are some helpful tips for shopping:

  • Shop time will be limited to 15 minutes or less

  • A mask must be worn inside the building. One will be provided for you if needed.

  • We are also limiting the number of people inside the building. Wait times will vary.

  • A full produce bag equals one point. Please see green stickers on packages for all other point values.


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