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  • Ryan Bowersox

The Dish | March 2022

Dear Just Food Supporter,

Spring is in the air! And then it’s not. And then it is again! But here is what we know for sure: growers all over this community are planning their gorgeous gardens to grow fresh and nutritious produce for their families, friends, and neighbors. Now that we are shaking off the cobwebs of winter, Just Food is ready for the growing season and all of the bounty and warm weather that comes along with it, including a brand new educational garden, right in front of our building at 1000 E. 11th St. in Lawrence. This new garden will feature 12 stone beds, and 2 will be raised and ADA accessible. Beds will be used for Just Food shoppers to learn to grow their own beautiful and nutritious foods, with 2 beds dedicated to production for the pantry and the community to have access to when they shop. There will also be an education bed for native plants and a sensory garden for youth.

But we can’t do this project without the help of our community. We have already received generous support from the Elizabeth Shultz Environmental Fund and the Karey, Emily and Michael Chester Giving Fund to get this project off (and in) the ground, and now we need your help! Want to get involved with the garden at Just Food? Start some seeds at home to donate to the garden! Or if you have garden knowledge to share, reach out to our Educational Programs Manager, Jessica Cooney, at

Here are some other ways to get involved and donate this Spring:

  • Grow a Row! Everybody loves fresh produce. Help Douglas County families by sharing any excess garden produce you grow this year, or plant with the intention of donation.

  • Donate money! Just Food can use your support to ensure all of our participants have the starts and seeds they need to have a successful plot this year!

  • Volunteer! We are building an outreach volunteer team! Get out in the community, run food drives, and spread the word about services in our community. Or if you would like to volunteer in our pantry or warehouse, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Donate backyard eggs! Are your chickens producing extra eggs? Just Food can accept backyard eggs for the Douglas County community.

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