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Just Food Board of Directors Appoints Aundrea Walker as interim Executive Director

The Just Food Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Aundrea Walker as the interim Executive Director of Just Food. Aundrea, who has been an integral part of the organization for the past eight years, currently serves as the Impact Director. Her extensive experience, deep commitment to Just Food’s mission of ending hunger in our community, and exceptional leadership qualities make her the ideal candidate to lead the organization as we continue to work to end hunger in our community while serving an unprecedented number of households experiencing food insecurity.

As the interim Executive Director, Aundrea will assume the responsibility of overseeing Just Food's operations and programs, continuing to build upon the organization's successes, and guiding its strategic direction. With her strong track record of implementing innovative solutions and fostering community partnerships, the Board has full confidence in Aundrea's ability to ensure Just Food's continued growth and impact.

"Aundrea Walker has consistently demonstrated her dedication to advancing our mission and creating a positive impact in our community," said Jacki Becker, President of the Just Food Board of Directors. "We are thrilled to have Aundrea step into this important leadership role. Her vision, expertise, and unwavering commitment to ending hunger will guide Just Food in its pursuit of building a more equitable and nourished community."

Throughout her tenure at Just Food, Aundrea has played a vital role in developing and implementing programs aimed at increasing access to healthy foods, reducing barriers to health and well-being, and fostering self-sufficiency. Her passion for social justice and her deep understanding of the complex challenges surrounding food insecurity have been instrumental in shaping the organization's impact-driven initiatives.

Under Aundrea's leadership, Just Food has successfully expanded its network of community partnerships, leading to the establishment of sustainable food distribution channels and empowering individuals and families to build long-term food security. Her ability to forge collaborations with local organizations, government agencies, and community leaders has been instrumental in creating a united front against hunger in our community.

While Aundrea assumes the role of interim Executive Director, Just Food remains steadfast in its commitment to its mission. The organization will continue its unwavering focus on ending hunger by ensuring equitable access to nutritious food, advocating for systemic change, and fostering self-sufficiency among individuals and families facing food insecurity.


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