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  • Ryan Bowersox

Resolve to Be More Involved

The new year can give us all the opportunity to reset. Especially after the past couple of years, a reset can be a very welcomed chance to shake some old habits and find new habits that better serve you and your community. Here are 3 easy resolutions to try:

Give the Gift of Your Time

Just Food relies on its community of volunteers to run our daily operations. We are always looking to add to our amazing team. Additionally, organizing food drives can be an amazing way to give your time and educate yourself and others on food insecurity and the needs it presents in our community.

Commit to Lessening Your Food Waste

A study, published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, found that the average U.S. household wasted 31.9% of its food. The total annual cost of the wasted food was estimated to be $240 billion or $1,866 per household. Commit to learning more about the food waste happening within your home and how to divert those edible foods to your friends and neighbors who need it.

Practice Empathy

There are so many reasons folks find themselves shopping at Just Food. We are not in the practice of asking why, but rather, understanding why. Understanding their circumstances that led them to Just Food not only helps the individual and their family in the immediate, but can also provide context to what folks are going through and the barriers they face accessing basic needs.

Have other resolutions that help Just Food and its shoppers? We want to hear about them! Email us at and share your resolutions and ideas for Just Food in 2022!

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