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The Dish | May 2024

Updated: May 6

Households Served: 2,469 Individuals Served: 5,365 New Shoppers: 262 Volunteer Hours: 2,022.45 Volunteers: 210 Average Hours / Volunteer: 9.6 Pounds of Recovered Food: 76,983 Pounds of Food Donated by Harvesters: 20,043
Chorizo Stuffed Bell Peppers This Chorizo Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe is a budget-friendly and delicious way to enjoy the fresh flavors of spring and summer. Bell peppers are at their peak during these warmer months, making them a cost-effective choice for a main dish. The recipe also calls for Mexican chorizo, which is a type of fresh sausage that is typically less expensive than other types of sausage.  In addition to being budget-friendly, this recipe is also easy to make. The peppers can be par-baked in the oven while you cook the chorizo and rice filling. Once the filling is cooked, simply stuff it into the peppers, top with cheese, and bake until the cheese is melted and bubbly. This recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser that is both affordable and delicious.  Estimated Cost: $12.91/recipe - $2.15/serving  Recipe: Chorizo Stuffed Bell Peppers
It’s an election year in the United States, which means that national news outlets are fixated on presidential politics. But although who Americans vote into the top office does have ramifications for food and climate policy, making a change for the better in your local community doesn’t have to wait for November. In fact, there are plenty of ways to begin today.
Income-based health disparities in the United States are among the worst in the world, and poor nutrition is at the heart of the problem.   “Unhealthy diets now cause more deaths in the U.S. than tobacco or any other health risk factor. Black, Latino and Indigenous Americans, as well as people with lower incomes, experience much higher rates of diet-related illnesses compared to White Americans and those with higher incomes. Inadequate fruit and vegetable intake is a key contributor to poor diet, yet most Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. This problem disproportionately affects these communities, largely due to cost and access barriers.
Did you know that in March of 2021 Just Food became the FIRST period bank in the State of Kansas under the Alliance for Period Supplies?  Last month through our partnership we received 15,460 pairs of reusable period underwear from Thinx to distribute to our community. We are incredibly grateful and excited to raise awareness for this imperative need!
The most sustainable meal is the one we don't waste. In March of 2024, Chop Shop rescued 2,245lbs of food and produced 3,564 lbs of meals for the Just Food pantry. By keeping 2,245lbs of food out of the landfill, an estimated 258,509 gallons of water were saved.  Calculated using ReFED Impact Calculator
All Just Food Volunteers are invited to join us for a Volunteer Appreciation BBQ Potluck on Monday, May 13th from 4 to 6pm at Hobbs Park (702 E 11th Street). Meat, beverages, and vegetarian options will be provided and volunteers are asked to bring a side or dessert to share. We hope to see you there!
Mark your calendars! Tickets are now on sale for Just Food's 2024 Gala, "A Night in the Bayou," taking place on Thursday, June 20th at 6pm at The Oread Hotel.  This year's event promises to be a delightful celebration as we commemorate 15 years of serving the Douglas County community. Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with delicious food, festive décor, and good company – all for a great cause!  Just Food is dedicated to fighting hunger and ensuring everyone has access to nourishing meals. The funds raised at our Gala directly support this essential mission. By attending, you'll not only enjoy a memorable evening but also play a vital role in helping us fulfill our commitment to our community.  Purchase your tickets today!   We look forward to celebrating with you!
Santiago Barbaso Espinosa is May’s Volunteer of the Month! Santiago's dedication and enthusiasm have been a true inspiration to everyone here.  In just four short months, Santiago has made a remarkable impact. He initially came to Just Food seeking to improve his English and gain valuable experience outside his home country. With the support of his uncle Ernesto  and aunt Lina, he quickly discovered Just Food through a volunteer website.   After attending our volunteer orientation, Santiago eagerly began lending a helping hand.  "I really enjoy going to volunteer at Just Food," says Santiago. "Every day, I love helping people, laughing with the other volunteers and staff. It's a truly amazing experience, and I deeply appreciate the
opportunity."  Santiago's positive attitude and willingness to help are infectious. He embodies the spirit of Just Food, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone. His dedication extends beyond his volunteer hours, as he fondly mentions the "food for volunteers" – a testament to the camaraderie and sense of community he's found at Just Food.  We are incredibly grateful for Santiago's service and his infectious enthusiasm. While we know he'll miss his time at Just Food, we have no doubt he'll continue to make a positive impact wherever his path leads him. Thank you, Santiago!
This month, we’d like to recognize Starbucks on 23rd Street as our Community Partner of the Month! Since opening their doors in 2019, Starbucks has been a dedicated partner in the fight against hunger in Douglas County. Their commitment is impressive! Last year alone, Starbucks on 23rd Street donated a staggering 1,545 pounds of ready-to-eat meals to Just Food. These included delicious sandwiches, pastries, yogurts, and bagels, all of which helped nourish our community members in need.  And that's not all! So far this year, they've already donated 484 pounds of food. We're incredibly grateful for their ongoing support.  But Starbucks' contributions extend beyond donations. This year, they'll be hosting a food drive at their location, making it even easier for the community to donate. Additionally, their store serves as a drop-off point for our community barrels, which are expected to bring in an additional 1,000 pounds of non-perishable food!  Just Food extends a heartfelt thank you to Starbucks on 23rd Street for their unwavering partnership.

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