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Thank you for this incredible Journey

This quote has always been one of my favorites. I never realized how true this was until I started at Just Food nine years ago. 

My time at Just Food has given me the greatest gift imaginable - the chance to work with people like you who make Just Food possible every single day. People are what make Just Food so special. From our supporters, donors, shoppers, board members, volunteers, to our team, the passion and dedication you have shown has made the impossible possible. What we have accomplished together is nothing short of amazing and it has been the greatest honor of my life to lead this organization. 

As I walk out the door for the last time today, I leave knowing the organization has never been in a better position to continue to touch the lives of so many. Lives like a woman I met at a Just Cook class I taught two weeks ago. When she came to the class, she handed our Program Manager $50. This was a donation she felt compelled to give because the classes have taught her how to save money by cooking healthy food at home. This is just one beautiful example of the thousands of stories I have heard and been witness to. And, it’s all because of people like you. Thank you for this incredible journey and for teaching me that inspirational quotes are more than just words.

With tremendous gratitude and affection,

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