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Volunteer of the Month - Patty Roberts

The intrepid Patty Roberts is Volunteer of the Month! She joined the Just Food volunteer ranks a year and a half ago, a mere few months into the COVID lockdown. Her career background is in restaurant & hospitality, so she felt that call to help her fellow neighbors make sure they had enough to eat. Patty has volunteered with Just Food at least twice a week for more than 12 consecutive months! She is one of our "stocking specialists," zooming around her grocery cart, finding all the things in the warehouse that aren't already stocked on the shelves. Around the warehouse, we jokingly say Patty is always "wearing roller skates" because she is hard to keep up with, no matter how spry you think you are. Thanks to Patty we are able to ensure as much choice and options as possible to our shoppers!

"During the 2020 pandemic I had a strong urge to help others and give back to the Lawrence community, as so many people were having hard times. As a retiree and Lawrencian for 25+ years, I knew I had the physical and mental ability to continue to do something productive, while also giving me a sense of purpose in my daily life. I knew that Just Food’s commitment to Douglas County and the idea of connecting food and people together was a good fit for me. I so love talking and helping people with their food selections and making sure a variety of good and healthy products are available on the shelves for clients. I look forward to coming into a friendly atmosphere fostered by the terrific staff and co-volunteers. Just Food is a wonderful community resource that I am proud to be associated with."

- Patty Roberts

Thank you Patty!


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